January 2013 Visit – Crystal’s View

Crystal McAllister is one of the team going to Manila in January. She explains how she got involved in the work of Streetlight and what she is looking forward to about her visit:

“I first heard about The Streetlight Trust through good friends at my church in Enderby, Leicester.

It was brilliant to know that as a church we could do something to make a difference to children’s lives in a different country and get to find out the results of how that might look so quickly.

I am involved with the children’s and youth work at Enderby Parish Church something I feel strongly about helping. Through suffering a not so great childhood myself as soon as I heard that the Streetlight Trust helps build children’s lives back together and give them a fresh start I knew I had to get involved. Knowing that God had changed my life so much I knew that he could change theirs too and if I could play a small part in that then I was only too happy to help.

I am a governor at the local primary school and on the assembly rota at both primary and secondary schools. This became an open door to involve the primary school, local children and their families as well as the groups at church for children and young people too. Along came the sock appeal 4 years ago which the school supported  by raising money in socks to help buy books and school uniforms. A great way to help the children to have an education and I guess you could say at every opportunity since I have tried to get involved and raise funds to help.

My friend Richard from our church visited Kanlungan in 2010 I was thrilled to hear about the work that was being done there. So as you can imagine my excitement at the opportunity to go and finally meet the children and the team and then come back and then share it not only with my church family but the 400+ children at the primary school and 900 young people at the secondary school too.

So with the love and support of my friends and family I can honestly say I really can’t wait! Bring on January 2013!”

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