Great Day at the Farm – an update from Alec

What a day today! Back in the van this morning and on the road to our destination South of Manilla. After a short stop at our second graduation of the trip, this time the boys, we made our way to the farm. I actually went to this farm 7 years ago on my first trip to see the Kanlungan project. The progress in that time is noting short of incredible, in 2011 there was just a couple of wooden shelters and a few coffee bushes. Now there is a full blown house for the boys who are attending school, a second building for the boys working the farm, and laundry block.

We were greeted with a buffet consisting of banana blossom, grown on the farm, and a spectacular rice cake, all prepared by the new farm manager. We then took a tour of the farm, the boys showed us the different fruits and vegetables they are growing along with the coffee. The farm feels like a real sanctuary for these boys, and the staff, as all kanlungan staff are, were fantastic. Before we left we hit the stage one more time with our, now beautifully rehearsed, song and dance presentation. Then capped off our day with a boat ride across a volcanic lake and a coffee with a view.  with a boat ride across a volcanic lake and a coffee with a view.

3 thoughts on “Great Day at the Farm – an update from Alec

  1. Great to hear of the changes you have encountered Alec since your last visit. Yes amazing things have been happening and its through people like you and others that this work is possible. I’m glad your presentation went well. I know how much they love seeing your efforts no matter how unnatural it seems! I am sure you were all fantastic though! The farm is quite a drive its good to know that it is going so well.
    I’ve put a link to the webpage for Streetlight. If any one is reading this blog please do check it out. There are many ways you can give. As you can see your money changes lives. God bless. Crystal

  2. Ay up Alec.
    Great blog. I can imagine the volcanic lake bubbling.
    Its really encouraging to hear that you can really see the difference since your last trip. Hopefully that means the projects are really thriving and making a bigger impact each year.

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