Another View of our Farm Visit from Caroline:

Caroline wrote this last night after her visit to the farm:

“Today was  top day; one of those that I will remember forever with a warm smile. It was all brilliant but several moments stand out. Firstly, eating with the boys was heart warming. The food was wonderful and included loads of home-grown fresh vegetables, my favourite. Cavite Farm was a garden of eden, especially for me as I love being in nature. I feel that it is such a positive and beautiful place for the boys to be; such a contrast to the busy city their harsh origins. The contact with the boys was very special, they were shy at first but as each one gained confidence they began to reveal their true and individual personalities: to climb or show off their trees and fruits, to play basket ball with skill, to sing or dance and towards the end some joined in with showing off with acrobatics! it was so natural and genuine.

We then had the opportunity to go on a boat trip in awesome scenery of mountains, volcanoes and a huge lake. It was breathtaking. It was also hilarious. On the way out we got a little wet from the splashes generated by the bow slapping the waves. On the return journey we were head to wind so the splashes created by the surf streamed over the bow and all over Mark and I. Everyone got at least a little wet but Mark and I were at the front and were completely and constantly soaked! The water was warm and cooling so very pleasant.

As I say a top day!”

2 thoughts on “Another View of our Farm Visit from Caroline:

  1. Awww sounds amazing hope you all have another truely blessed day ! Thinking of you and awaiting more news x with much lv,Christina xxx

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