An Update from Victoria

A little bit behind … but there is so much to say!
This is what Victoria had to say this morning …

“It’s the start of day 5 and what an emotional rollercoaster this trip has been so far.

Yesterday we got to see firsthand the start of the Kanlungan process by watching a street education session and helping to feed the kids of Barangay Section 80. Many little children came to the drop in centre for a bowl of chocolate porridge, probably their only meal of the day, a safe and secure place for them to eat and be educated about issues including health and how to stay safe on the street. They sang and danced for us and sat patiently listening to the teacher explaining about the importance of drinking lots of water in the heat, their lesson of the day.

We had the opportunity to walk around the backstreets of Malate and see where the kids live, meet some of their families and even look inside their houses. I will never forget the house that we visited; a small building with a dark corridor, filled with diesel fumes from the Jerry cans that were stored inside. It led to a room used as a kitchen and somewhere to sit with a ladder to reach the tiny upper rooms, so small we were not even able to take a look.
More and more every day I’m amazed at how much can be achieved by Kanlungan. The staff are fantastic and extremely hard working but some of the centres don’t even have enough space or the facilities needed to care for the sheer number of children that come through their doors, but it doesn’t stop them.
Today is the graduation ceremony for the boys and girls moving up from the Level 1 Centre Home  , which will be an emotional day I’m sure. Against all the odds these beautiful children are changing their lives for the better and I feel honoured to have been a part of it.”

2 thoughts on “An Update from Victoria

  1. It’s wonderful for me to read how you are all engaging with the work Kanlungan are doing and as you continue to journey with them over this next week I pray that God will open in you the vision He has for your lives. We at Streetlight are committed to insuring that Kanlungan, Children and Staff have all the resources they need to transform the lives of those living in their care. Its only through Prayer and you sharing our work and the plight of the street children of Philippines that change will come. Thank you all for taking the time to be a part of making a real difference to a life.
    Bless you

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