The Last 2 Days … Nicky’s View

Sorry its been a little while since the last blog, but here’s an update on the last two days from Nicky:

Saturday graduation day.

A free morning so we went to a local market to buy some beat boxes.  It was very hot, noisy and crazy a total sensory overload.

With the help of Sol we managed to purchase 5 beat boxes for Kanlungan at a very good price.  And also managed to get them a new microphone which was put to use that very afternoon.

Once back in the van – thank you Hazel, we were taken to the Malate Centre where we were treated to a banquet of Philippine food.  Then it was time for the all-important graduation of the children from the home.

We were privileged to accompany a child each and act as their honorary parent for the award ceremony.  Once seated the children blessed us with music and dance presentations along with an inspirational talk from Mark.

This whole day was such a marvellous thing to be part of, there was not a dry eye in the house. It is very difficult to explain exactly how blessed and honoured we felt at acting as the parent for those whose parents could not be  there.

After this emotional ceremony the evening gave us time to reflect whilst watching the beautiful sunset over the harbour with some of the Kanlungan team before heading back to base.



We had the morning to ourselves then went to the ODC day centre church service which was a wonderful worship lead service.  After which some of the team went to visit the local street families who were really welcoming and open to us.

To see how they live and where some of the children who are now supported by Kanlungan have come from and for some are still living was humbling, it really made us all see how invaluable the work of Kanlungan is.

Ethan and Calum meanwhile went to the opening ceremony of the local street children’s summer camp, where they watched and played basket ball with the local children.

Tomorrow … Swimming!!!




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  1. Hope the hymn books are very neatly aligned at the day centre church…

    Please upload videos of the team beat boxing.

    Oh, ODC, my mistake…

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