Ethan’s Basketball Adventure

There is so much going on here, its difficult to keep up with it all on the blog! We had a fantastic day swimming today, but tonight’s blog comes from Ethan – describing his experiencing playing Basketball yesterday:

“Following the church service, Calum and I left the Open Day Care centre, (ODC) with Kuya Wilmar (one of the Kanlungan Social Workers) and the basket ball team who are all children attending the ODC. We went to a basket ball court which was edged on one side with a concrete wall topped with barbed wire and the other side was a rubble car park with Jeepneys randomly parked, at the back of the court were their homes, although not like anything back in the UK a selection of ramshackle social housing with sometimes 7 families in one dwelling – some would call it a slum but it is a step up from those living on the streets.

We watched a parade of team colours listen to the National Anthem and listen to some motivational speeches from some of the councillors .  Before we got to play in a match the councillors gave out some new basket balls to the teams which we all had a mess about with – practicing our shooting skills.  We then played a match with the ODC team against some university players which was great fun.

It was then time to leave so Kuya Wilmar took us back to the Shalom on one of the local Jeepney’s, the local bus transportation, another unique Manila experience.

The children are really great they always seem to be happy and are such fun to be around they really make me smile.”


This is not an actual photo from the event, but gives an idea of what it is like

2 thoughts on “Ethan’s Basketball Adventure

  1. Good work boys. Doing anything in the heat in Manila is a challenge, let alone playing basketball. The kids are all so good at it as well. I hope you did SLT proud.

  2. Your visit and stuff like the basketball will be memories that last for years for both you and them. Keep having fun out there.

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