The End of the First Week … Caroline’s Reflections

We’ve had a great day swimming today … more on that later, but thanks to Caroline for a great reflection on our time here so far:
“We’ve come to the end of week one. It has been an intense but very well managed journey. We have had extraordinary experiences interspersed with much needed down time.
We are all a really supportive group and are beginning to get to know each other well and connect on many levels. We’ve already started planning future reunions and fund raising opportunities.
The highest point for me over the last 2 days was being a ‘parent’ for one of the girls for their graduation. This personalised the emotions: she became my little girl, marking her achievements, at the threshold of going to ‘big school’. I felt so proud of her.  I want as much for her as I do for my own daughter. The intensity of the emotions surprised me. It was like the emotion I felt when my daughter was born. At the time I had been concerned that I might not be able to love someone as much as I loved my two year old son; but when I held my daughter for the first time, the love just flowed. Yesterday, when I became this little girls parent, the love just flowed!
And then they sang ‘The greatest love of all’, which if you read my initial blog, you will know, is very significant to me. So that was it,  I was awash with tears! To be fair, we all were, and I wondered what the children made of that. I do hope that they felt the genuine love that was in the room.”

3 thoughts on “The End of the First Week … Caroline’s Reflections

  1. Great to read your news and keep up with you all. Every blessing to all the team from friends at St John’s with St Mary’s, Mansfield.

  2. Great to hear all the news. Continuing to pray that everyone will continue to be a blessing to the staff and children at Kanlungan.

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