Cheesy Bliss (or not!)

The Filipinos love Cheese Ice Cream, but for us its a more acquired taste! If you would like to see the current team eat a 1.5 litre tub of Cheese Ice Cream between us then we need to raise at least £300 towards the work of Kanlungan through Streetlight.

Yes that’s genuine Cheese Ice Cream – “Cheese Ice Cream blended with Real Cheese Bits”  and here’s the proof:

This cheesy challenge will take place on at around 4pm on Thursday afternoon (so that’s 9am UK time) and will be Live Streamed by Ate Eunace on Facebook!!

But if you don’t get to £300 then the cheese is off (or we’ll be cheesed off … or both)

To donate click here or follow this link:

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