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“On Monday we went to ‘Splash Island‘ with all the Kanlungan family. During the day we all went to play in the park. It was massive, there were lots of slides and a big wave pool with inflatables in the deep end. Lots of the children went swimming and only came out for food. At the end everyone got changed and got into a circle to worship. After that we all said goodbye and headed back to the hotel.

The highlight for me of the week was today because all the children were there and everyone had a good time.

For the children, too, this was a much anticipated day, and some of them had been awake since 4am! It is also a poignant time, particularly for siblings in the different settings, who only see each other occasionally.

Thankfully Tuesday has been at a very different pace, both for us and the children of Benitez House. We began by joining the weekly staff devotions, sharing together our gratitude to God for all that we have been given, in the work of Kanlungan and Streetlight, for all that we mutually benefit, and then joining together in prayer, that even if we don’t speak the same language, we love and serve the same God.

The afternoon was spent with the children, engaged in a range of craft activities. That these children, who have been through so much already in their young lives, can engage with such an activity with enthusiasm, skill and imagination, is testament to the endless love, energy and patience of all of the Kanlungan team.”

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