Last Wednesday

The team are now safely back home – though I am writing this from Hong Kong were I am staying with my amazing niece Susie and her husband Rory who are working here with another great Christian organization, rescuing men from drug addiction.

Before she left, Nicky wrote this blog post describing her experiences last Wednesday. In the end, this turned out to be some of the hardest things we saw during our whole visit:

“In the morning we visited the holiday club run from the ODC. This is an amazing project within Kanlungan where they run a holiday club in the areas where the children are.  This is basically teaching and playing in between a used railway line and the remnants of an old building, no risk assessments here! The children were in three groups the youngest were doing colouring – no desks required just a piece of levelish ground, the next age group were listening to teaching over the noise of the busy road next door, the occasional train and the noise from the building of the new highway overhead.  The oldest children were playing basket ball to which their numbers were instantly added with Calum and Ethan.

We left the boys to play and walked along the railway track to meet some of the families living there; no fitted kitchens here.

Further along the track we saw that the families who had previously been cleared away by the authorities from under a road bridge were returning.  Their homes positioned next to a very interesting smelling river – quite poignant that one of the tarpaulins read Dream House.

We all went to see Wilmar further along the river where we joined him and some of the local children – some of whom we had met previously to sing some songs. It was great to see the older children becoming young leaders being supported by the Kanlungan staff.

The local clean up team consisting of two ladies clearing up the rubbish from the side of the river – very hard in 35 degree heat – if only pictures came with the sense of smell you could all get a sense of the environment.

Today we have really seen what a difference Kanlungan are making to the lives of the children they serve, the staff are all saints!





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  1. Its great to hear that this was a really successful visit. Back home we have loved the blog and appreciate you all taking time to keep us informed. It is a shame you can’t include pictures of the children and the work actually on the ground. This last blog brings it home, the contrast between my home and living under a bridge by a polluted river. God bless and protect all of you who went out, and lets keep on sharing the information and providing opportunities for people to give and keep giving to these projects.

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