The New Team Arrives – An Update from Jim

Hi everyone,
My name is Jim and I am one of the trustees helping to lead the current Streetlight Trust trip to Manila.
During the last 12 years, I’ve been to visit the project many times and it is always fantastic to return and see just how well the staff and kids are progressing. It’s particularly exciting for me this year because I am sharing the experience with 5 other friends from our church in Bradford. I know they will have a great time and be blessed by the whole experience.

After a long journey we are now settling into new routines.
For the Bradford contingent, we left home on Tuesday morning and finally fell into our beds very late on Wednesday night. The overwhelming heat and time difference takes some getting used to but we were able to have a great first full day on Thursday – visit to the coffee shop in the morning followed by a welcome and lunch at the Residential Training Centre. There are currently 19 kids at the centre ranging from 6 years old to 15. We had a lovely afternoon playing games with the children and trying (miserably) to copy and learn their dance routines! The kids immediately started plaiting the long hair of Molly, Hannah, Bethany, Christine, Celia, and Beth. (Not an experience the ‘folically challenged’ members of our team could enjoy!).
We are looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

3 thoughts on “The New Team Arrives – An Update from Jim

  1. Hey Iā€™m sure you are all busting some great moves! šŸ˜ good to hear that you all embracing everything too!
    Have an amazing time, love the weird hand motions in the photo…
    love and prayers

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