An Update from Bethany

Today marks our third full day in Manila and what a day its been. We started the day off with a visit to the Tunasan day centre where we went out to visit one of the street communities, here we were lucky enough to spend some time in the house of a family there. It was amazing to see their ingenuity and how they manage to make a home out of practically nothing. It was also clear how much they valued family and their sense of community. We then ate lunch at the day centre and after we spent time eating ice cream and singing and dancing with the kids; they joy we witnessed was outstanding.


In the afternoon we headed to the girls home and as always we were welcomed with beaming smiles and lots of hugs. The afternoon was then well spent singing, dancing and playing games with the girls. We were then blessed with the amazing opportunity to take part in their evening devotion. To see the girls really engage in worship was incredible and something I will remember for a long time, coming through in their worship as well was a real sense of family and love and support for each other. To see girls who have had a pretty tough start in life still praising and thanking God was brilliant and at times a bit emotional.

I am absolutely loving the time in Manila so far and praise God for all that we’ve been a part of. I can not wait to see what other experiences lie ahead.

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