Final Thoughts from the Team in Manila

We are now coming towards the end of our trip to Manila, and what a trip it has been. Personally, I have been really touched by the love and compassion that the Kanlungan staff have for all the children. It really is an incredible family. 

On Thursday we drove out to a place called Antipolo to visit the burned out remains of what once was a children’s home. Ate Sol explained that the property has been donated to Kanlungan and she has a vision for it to become a home for children with disabilities and a safe place for children that have been abused exploited online pornography. We had the privilege of praying at the site and while praying one of the team had a vision of children playing barefoot in soft grass. A sight hard to imagine when surrounded by chard brokenness and ashes.

But the team who had been to the farm when it was first donated can testify the transformation that God can bring to a property when He wants to use it for His purposes. It is now an incredible home for the boys who live there. All thanks to our God who hears and answers prayers and to the incredible generosity of the worldwide Christian family. Please join with us and Kanlungan in praying for what this new site will become.

On Friday we spent a joyful morning at the Open Day Centre (ODC). Children from the surrounding communities come to the ODC each day for hot food and fellowship. Many of the young people are also helped with education costs.

We spent the rest of the day regaining our strength to be ready for the big event: The 2018 Streetlight Mini-Olympics.

For many of the children and staff this is a much anticipated event as it is one of the few times each year when all of the parts of Kanlungan come together. It is such a special time of fun and celebration.

Each of the Streetlight team joined of one of the teams and were given a very limited amount of time to learn and practice part of a dance routine – routines that the children had been preparing for weeks! They were very impressive, we were slightly less so.

I had the privilege of joining the mighty mighty boy’s home, they had proven victorious in many of the previous years so the pressure was on. They came together well, but despite a valiant effort this year it was second place, we were beaten to the top spot by the Tunasan Day Centre. To be fair TCC put in a very impressive effort, and their teacher, Vernon, showed just as much, if not more, passion then any of the children.

The Mini-Olympics were brought to a close with a very special time of worship. All of the staff and children that we had meet were there as one united family worshiping God together.

As we now prepares to leave Manila, that incredibly joyful sense of family joined by God’s love is something that I will nether forget.

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