Art as Therapy.

It is a deep rooted belief at Kanlungan that all children are made in the image of their creative Father God.      The children are encouraged to express themselves through music, dance, drama and art.    Children who are recovering from trauma may not be able to express themselves in words but opening up their creativity can often be the key to moving forward.


At the KSEM 30th Anniversary the children’s pictures were sold to guests and it was a delight for the Streetlight Trustees to meet the artists of their paintings and to let them know how much we appreciated their artwork.








Thanks to the generous luggage allowance on our flight from Manila this summer we were able to bring some paintings back to the UK.     If you would like to purchase an original KSEM painting please talk to one of the trustees.


One of the older children who used the Open Day Centre found this quote from American Artist Georgia O’Keefe,

“I found i could say things with color and shapes that i couldn’t say any other way – i have no words for.”

—Georgia O’keeffe      American Artist 1887 – 1986


Please pray for all the children that they will continue to grow in the likeness of their Creator, Father God  and also pray for the KSEM staff who seek to fund creative ways to bring healing to these young lives.

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