Mary & friends are off to the Philippines

Streetlight Trustee Mary, and two of her friends, have gone to Manila on a two week trip.   
At the end of day 1 Mary has messaged:-  
We arrived safely last night after a really smooth flight on Philippine airlines.  Thank you for your prayers everyone!
There were huge queues at passport control but we spotted a desk for senior citizens with only a few people so off we toddled (there are some advantages of being old)
We went for breakfast at Ksem Kafe then on to Benitez house to meet the children, we have spent most of the day there just hanging out with them and telling them all about Robin Hood! I love it
Mary xxx
mary ksem
Thanks for messaging us all back home.  Have a great trip and enjoy all the benefits that being a ‘Lola’ (grandmother) offers you in Philippine culture.  Always ask for a ‘seniors discount’    God bless,   Helen X


3 thoughts on “Mary & friends are off to the Philippines

  1. Hello Mary and your friends
    Thank you for your blog on day one, wishing you a safe adventure in the Philippines with all the love and care from the children, Sol and her team.
    Looking forward to hearing your blog from day two
    Take care
    Love Jenny L xx

  2. Hi Mary, Leta and Lyn, plus team.
    Great to hear from you, and see that you arrived safely – making the most of being senior citizens! Have met with the Mission Support Group tonight, and prayed for you all. Stay well, and be a blessing to all the children and staff at Kanlungan. Love. Dave and Eileen xx

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