A day of singing and dancing

What joy it has been to do so much dancing and singing with the children at the Tunasan Centre, with the girls at the girls home and with street families out on derelict sites amidst make shift homes constructed from tarpaulin, cardboard and plastic sheets.
The welcome at Tunasan was overwhelming as there were the greatest number of children there and all wanted to hug us ,and all at the same time!!
It was great fun teaching them our dance and playing patacake with them – they were fascinated.
Another most memorable occasion was joining in with the girls(at girls home) for worship before sharing a meal with them.
It is my first visit out here so there is so much to take in – so much wonderful work going on amidst so much poverty – the staff of all aspects of the project show such dedication and commitment and are certainly acting out their faith-shining the light of Jesus in some very dark places.  Matthew5 v14
Love Lynne xxx

2 thoughts on “A day of singing and dancing

  1. It’s lovely to hear your news and that so much love and joy is shared among all those who are part of the Kanlugan family. Thankyou for your daily blogs.

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