Visiting the Farm

Driving down to the farm
What a day we had yesterday, we saw so much it is sometimes hard to process it all:-)
As we drove out of metro Manila I was once again struck by the vastness of the city and what a brave project Kanlungan is!
The Kanlungan farm is one of my favourite places and watching it transform into what is now a beautiful boys home and a working farm .It is now the place God wants it to be and truly a miracle.  Sitting with two of the boys and playing with my binoculars was one of the highlights of the day for me.
We called in to the boys school ,  a bright and happy place with lots of space to play
The principal tells us that the Kanlungan boys are such good dancers (as well as good students:-)
We finished the day with a firework display at the mall of Asia and then very civilised shopping at Balikbayan with refreshments and snacks all thrown in!
To be honest it’s very hard to put into words what we are experiencing but I know God is in it and there’s a lot of blessings here.
Much love Mary xxx

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