An Ending … but not the End!

As the latest Streetlight Trip comes to an end, I’m sure the team would like to say thank you to all those who have followed their adventure on this blog.

Thank to all those who have commented, given and prayed for the team. Please continue to pray as they journey home … there travel itinerary is listed at the end of this post.


But the work of Kanlungan to provide a refuge for Christ’s lost little ones in the streets of Manila goes on and Streetlight is committed to its continued support for this extraordinary work. If you have been moved by what you have read, please consider regular support for our work. If you would like to know more just go to and fill in the form there, or e-mail us on

Streetlight also remains committed to taking people so that they can see the work of Kanlungan for themselves. We are already planning to take a team in early 2014 so if you would interested in joining us then please get in touch and we can send you some more details.

Finally let’s give glory to God who has entrusted us with the extraordinary privilege of serving the marginalised and oppressed children of Manila in this way.

Kanlungan logos

Journey Home Travel Itinerary

The team will be on there way home tomorrow … here are the details:

Depart Manila  18th Feb – 6:30pm (10:30am UK time) – Flight MH803
Arrive Kuala Lumpur 10:05pm (2:05pm UK time)

Depart Kuala Lumpur 11:55pm (3:55pm UK time) – Flight MH2
Arrive Heathrow 5:30am


This means an early start to get to the airport (Mark is planning to leave Mansfield at 3am!) so please pray for safe travelling for everybody, especially with the difficult weather forecast in the UK.

And here is a nice picture of a plane…

‘Andy the Tiger’ – Make him wear it all day!

Leigh-Ann has been working her face painting magic on Andy (with a little help from Sarah) and you can see that he has been transformed into ‘Andy the Tiger’!

Andy Tiger

Unfortunately Andy the Tiger is a bit shy and doesn’t want to go out in public.
But if we can raise £300 by Midnight on Wednesday (UK time) he will spend all day on Thursday out and about in Manila!

To make this happen, all you have to do is text ‘BLOG13 £2’ (or whatever amount you want to give) and send it to 70070. Or you can click on this link to our MyDonate page

Of course, pictures of Andy the Tiger let loose in Manila will be available on this blog!

PS We’ll count the £61 we’ve raised already – but if we raise another £300 after that then Andy will nominate another member of the team!

And  remember – it all goes to an amazing cause, helping the children you’ve been reading about on this blog.

Day 4 – farm and boys home by Leigh-Ann

The farm house image

today we visited the farm in Cavite. They weren’t expecting us, but were very welcoming none the less.  As you drive into the farm we passed by the new basket ball court which seemingly provides endless entertainment for the lads. The building was beautiful, set in amazing grounds surrounded by coconut trees. The lads enjoyed showing us around their house which was basic, and very tidy. They then showed us around the farm. It was amazing to see a different sort of farm to what we see in the UK. Some of lads were showing us around, whilst others were working stripping the trees of coffee beans. They showed us Black Pepper, Coffee, Coconuts, the river where they bathe and do their washing, a shy plant, lemon grass and lots more. We helped them take the coffee beans off the tree, which were collected in a big net. The get paid for doing this. After, Ramir showed us his skills, climbing to the top of the coconut tree, and bought down a huge bunch of coconuts for us to drink from.

Before we left there was enough time to squeeze in some basket ball.
     We then went onto the boys home, where we were greeted by 17 very happy and enthusiastic boys, hi fiving us as we got off the bus. We watched as the boys performed a dance for us, then sang. They even made us sing ‘our god is a great big god’. We then had some free time where the boys took us by the hand and played outside showing us all of the sights In their garden. They wanted us to take photos of us and them pulling funny faces. They showed us games clapping our hands together. One of the boys gave me a bracelet that he had made as a gift. When it was time to go, the boys hugged us and waved goodbye!
It has been an amazing day today meeting all of the boys. Each with their own unique character, and different skill. They are so very happy, and want for nothing. The Kanlungan family have saved these lovely children from a terrible life, and without their faith, this would never be possible.
Leigh-Ann x


A Quick Update

A Quick update posted from the UK here …

The team have arrived safely in Manila and are checked into the hotel. They have been to visit the Malate Short-Term Residential Centre on Benitez Street where they had a warm welcome. A meal at TGI Friday’s and now time for bed!

Tomorrow they are going to Church at the Cathedral of Praise and then a picnic at the Benitez House.
They are having some communication problems as none of the Tablets seem to be logging on to the WiFi network, but hopefully we’ll get it sorted tomorrow.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Comments left on her are a real encouragement as well … they can see them in the morning when they get up (remember they are 8 hours ahead of us!).

The UCCP Shalom Center & Manila Locations


Judging by all the interest we have received, many of you maybe interested to see where the team are staying and a map of where about in Manila it is.


It is a Christian Hotel called the UCCP Shalom Center, located in the centre of Manila.

You can see it on this Google map, as well as the location of the KSEM Kafe and Short Term Residential Centre.

Behind the main hotel block are some houses and we always use the upstairs of ‘House B’. It has a sitting area with five rooms off it. On previous visits we have used all the rooms, but this year we will be using four of them.

These pictures show the stairs up to House B, the DSCF5756sitting area and one of the rooms. Each of the rooms has air-conditioning and an ensuite shower and toilet.
The sitting area doesn’t have aircon but it does have a large fan!

Tomorrow’s Flight Details

With just a few hours before the team leaves tomorrow, here is the flight itinerary.


Depart London Heathrow 10:50am – Flight Number MH3
Arrive Kuala Lumpur 07:10am
(11:10pm UK time)

Depart Kuala Lumpur 10:15am (2:15am UK time) –
Flight Number MH704
Arrive Manila 2:05pm
(6:05am UK Time)

Please pray for the team as they prepare to travel
and watch for Blog updates here sometime on Saturday!


Preparing to visit Kanlungan – Leighann Cooke

Continuing our updates from people getting ready to travel to Manila next week,
Leighann Cooke writes about how she feels as she prepares to visit Kanlungan …

“Well, one week to go, and I’ve got to be honest, I’m very nervous. It only seems like a couple of months since I agreed to go. I’ve still got loads to sort out, but this time next week I’ll be there!
This trip for me came from having a very difficult year. This was my challenge of a lifetime. I felt like I really needed to do this for myself, my family and the children I am going to help.

I’m not going to lie, leaving my

husband Steve and my three children Steven (12), Ben (8), and Charlotte (3), is going to be one of the hardest things I have ever done and will probably be my toughest challenge of all, but it’s one I need to do, and I’m ready for it!!!

I am really excited about being involved with the Streetlight charity, and meeting all of the children. I want to be involved with all aspects of what the charity do. I just can’t wait to see it! Most of all, what I am looking forward to is applying what I see to my own life, and really appreciating what I’ve got, not what I haven’t. I believe that is why I’ve been chosen for this trip.

Leighann Cooke xx”

Preparing to Visit Kanlungan – Julia Williams

Just over two weeks to go until we leave for the Philippines – it seems to have arrived very quickly.  I am very lucky in the fact that I have already finished term so now have time to think about Christmas and also the trip.  We fly out to the Philippines on my mum’s 70th birthday – to celebrate it she has done a parachute jump and raised a lot of money for a charity that works with people with Alzheimers;  it seems very fitting that this is the day that I travel to see the work of a charity that works mainly with children.  Am I ready for the trip…..not yet – I still have a couple of vaccinations to have and my list of jobs to do is shrinking and growing simultaneously! 

For those of you reading this who don’t know me just a brief introduction :  My name is Julia and I live in the wilds of Church Stretton in Shropshire and teach in a school for boys with Autism. 

Why am I going to the Philippines   I have known about The Streetlight Trust and Kanlugan for many years being friends of both the Adams family and the Day family in Enderby, Leicester.  Helen was talking about this trip with me one weekend and I expressed an interest.  The main problem that I saw was that it was in term time; I asked my school if I could have the time off and was very pleased to be told I could have the time for the trip; I am very  blessed to have the school’s support.  I have also been able to tell the boys that I teach about the work of Kanlugan and they have helped me in my fundraising. 

I have been very involved in the children’s work at my church over a long period (One of the girls from my first group is getting married this week!) and am always amazed with children’s enthusiasm to participate in activities and willingness to learn more about God; they can be sponges and given the right opportunities go on to achieve amazing things. 

From the first time that Helen spoke about this trip and I expressed an interest in it everything has “fallen into place” for me to be able to go; God obviously has a plan for me to go! (Shame about the long flight first….. I hate flying!)

January 2013 Visit – Crystal’s View

Crystal McAllister is one of the team going to Manila in January. She explains how she got involved in the work of Streetlight and what she is looking forward to about her visit:

“I first heard about The Streetlight Trust through good friends at my church in Enderby, Leicester.

It was brilliant to know that as a church we could do something to make a difference to children’s lives in a different country and get to find out the results of how that might look so quickly.

I am involved with the children’s and youth work at Enderby Parish Church something I feel strongly about helping. Through suffering a not so great childhood myself as soon as I heard that the Streetlight Trust helps build children’s lives back together and give them a fresh start I knew I had to get involved. Knowing that God had changed my life so much I knew that he could change theirs too and if I could play a small part in that then I was only too happy to help.

I am a governor at the local primary school and on the assembly rota at both primary and secondary schools. This became an open door to involve the primary school, local children and their families as well as the groups at church for children and young people too. Along came the sock appeal 4 years ago which the school supported  by raising money in socks to help buy books and school uniforms. A great way to help the children to have an education and I guess you could say at every opportunity since I have tried to get involved and raise funds to help.

My friend Richard from our church visited Kanlungan in 2010 I was thrilled to hear about the work that was being done there. So as you can imagine my excitement at the opportunity to go and finally meet the children and the team and then come back and then share it not only with my church family but the 400+ children at the primary school and 900 young people at the secondary school too.

So with the love and support of my friends and family I can honestly say I really can’t wait! Bring on January 2013!”